“Becky Stevens was recommended to me by my doctor to help alleviate the pain of Fibromyalgia. That was several years ago and I have depended on Becky for help with health issues ever since. After a mammogram which showed I had a problem, they made an appointment at the hospital for me to have an ultrasound. In a panic I made an appointment with Becky, who I depend on more than my doctors. She told me not to worry, it was just a little fluid sack. Two days later, the ultrasound confirmed it was a little fluid sack and nothing to be concerned about.” - V.N.


“I came to see Becky a few months after being diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a leaky valve and an irregular rapid heartbeat. I had been experiencing shortness of breath, palpitations, and fluttering to the point that it felt like my heart was leaping across my chest. In addition to these symptoms the Beta Blockers and ACE Inhibitors were making me tired and weak. I embarked on a mission to find information on holistic alternatives and my quest led me to Becky’s website. Becky is the most amazing, down to earth, genuine person you will ever meet. Her healing abilities and medical intuition are truly amazing. Because of Becky’s work my cardiologist has decreased my medication, my heart is stronger, my ejection fraction has increased from 45 to 55 and I am symptom-free.” - K.B.


“In January, 2006, I came to Becky with fibromyalgia which comes under the umbrella of two hundred sixty different illnesses alone. I had been sick all my life and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had so many illnesses that I was giving up. I couldn’t take it anymore. At the age of 5-6 months old I had pernicious anemia and was hospitalized. My menstrual cycles were painful because of fibroids. I bleed profusely. My hemoglobin was always low. I also had high blood pressure with a whole host of illnesses. Today, thanks to Becky most of my illnesses have already and are continuously dissipating. I am very grateful that Becky has come into my life otherwise I might have given up. To me she is the closest thing to a miracle in my life. Thank you Becky for saving my life. - A.N.


I referred several patients to Becky and found that they were getting dramatic results. One patient with MS has had dramatic improvements since her treatments. I went myself for a difficult problem that nothing else worked from my medical expertise. I found definite improvements and have felt much better with her Energy Healing. The energy radiating from Becky’s hands is like an oven and the muscles and tensions just relax under the energy. I would highly recommend that everyone try a session of Energy Healing from Becky Stevens and find out for themselves how energizing and yet relaxing it feels.” - Diane Culik, MD


“Before hearing about Becky from a family member, my husband and I had exhausted every long and lonely traditional (and some nontraditional) medical route that we knew of for our son who had been diagnosed first with PDD and then ASD. Becky literally turned all of our lives around. She gave us hope when everyone else was closing doors telling us our son was “too high functioning” to qualify for or receive special programming. In the two years we have been working with Becky, our son has experienced major breakthroughs. He is now in a second grade regular education setting with support and is having SUCCESS!! He can read. He is social. And he has interests outside of our home. He has been discharged from speech services. We couldn’t be more thrilled! Becky has worked a miracle for our son. We can’t begin to thank her enough for her encouragement and support, her care and compassion, and her unwavering belief in him.” - J.A.