An Interview with Becky

Interviewer: First of all, Becky, congratulations on being selected as our Featured Practitioner. We think so many others will be inspired by your story. Letís start by having you tell us a little about yourself.

Becky: I am a Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer in private practice in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, where I live with John, my husband of 18 years, our 2 sons John and Hunter, 3 cats and 2 dogs. I treat clients in the office and remotely throughout the United States and Canada. My contact information is:

Becky Stevens Holistic Alternatives, LLC
27739 Jefferson Avenue
St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
Tel: 586-294-6540

Interviewer: By sharing that information, I assume itís OK for our readers to contact you.

Becky: Sure. Iím happy to talk about and share my work with others.

Interviewer: What is one fact that some may find surprising about Becky Stevens?

Becky: I am currently writing a book in an effort to offer hope and inspiration to others.

Interviewer: What attracted you to the Alternative Health Care field? Was there an event or issue you dealt with personally?

Becky: Throughout my life I have encountered great loss, trauma, and severe illness, all of which led me to the work I do. I needed many miracles, and I have received them. I now assist others on their path to wellness. Iíll share a turning point in my life on a spiritual level. On December 26, 1991, I woke up and could no longer feel my body, I was numb physically. I was taken to the ER and diagnosed after a spinal tap, MRI etc. with Guillane Barre Syndrome. I was told I may become a quadriplegic and would have to be air lifted to a University Hospital. I was later diagnosed with transverse myelitis. When I didnít become paralyzed, I was just left physically numb and sent home. They told me that if any feeling returned it would probably be so minimal that I wouldnít even notice it. All that mattered to me was being able to take my son, John, who was 2 at the time to see Beauty and The Beast. I lied on the couch month after month looking at the ceiling wanting to die. It was a very dark night of the soul, which lasted 9 months. I saw a segment on a local talk show that talked about an amazing icon at a Greek Orthodox Church that people had gone to and felt they had been healed by. I told myself that I needed to get there. I had nothing to lose. So, I went, lit a candle, and prayed for myself, which was a novelty when I realized that all my prayers over the years have been for others. Within 5 days I had complete and absolute feeling back in my body. More recently Iíve been told that Mother Mary healed me and that my gifts were instilled at this time. I later suffered severe neurological episodes diagnosed as multiple sclerosis. After 1991 my life was different forever. I could look at people and know their pain; I could see muscles, nerves, tissue, organs, and the neurons in the air. It was all overwhelming and isolating -I didnít know what was happening and felt very alone. This was all new to me. I didnít know what any of this meant. I feel I was led to find my spiritual gifts through my own suffering. I now feel I have a grasp and understanding of what all of this means although it continues to be a learning experience. I am on my path, and healthy, and able to assist others to wellness. Somehow all the pieces of my lifeís puzzle have come together to reveal the art amidst the chaos.

Interviewer: Becky, this is such an amazing story. Can we just take a short moment right now in silence just to reflect? SH (after a while and a deep breath): OK, we have to move on with this. Becky, how do you describe your practice to others?

Becky: I am a Medical Intuitive and Healer; which means that I have the spiritual gift of healing. I use medical intuition to ascertain and assess the root causes of disease or dysfunction. I treat the root causes, not the symptoms, through herbs, homeopathy, and vibropathy. I engage hands-on healing using the energy of the archangels and the spirit guides of pure white light, Mother Mary and Jesus to ignite and engage the healing process. I facilitate healing and attempt to keep my will and energy out of the process. I believe the client demonstrates their commitment to healing and what they want to manifest within their physical body by following through with the herbal preparations.

Interviewer: Is there a business or practice philosophy that you live by?

Becky: I try my best everyday. I attempt to keep my knowledge and energy out of the equation and just trust what my guides are telling me in terms of treatment protocol. I look at each person as a unique individual, without labels or blanket treatments, I donít believe in the words Ďincurableí or Ďterminalí. I have a spiritual intention for my business that the clients who are attracted to my practice are those who I can most help. I believe that since I am coming from a place of healing, there will always be enough work, and people will be led to me. I donít advertise, and this belief and approach have never failed me.

Interviewer: Can you describe how you feel, the reward you get from helping others on the road to better overall health, recovery or improved lifestyle?

Becky: When a client calls and leaves a message that their cancer is gone, that their doctors say they canít find it on an MRI or a CT scan, itís the biggest rush. I donít even have words for the pure bliss that I feel. I feel honored that the clients trust me enough to follow the recommended protocol, show up and follow the suggestions. I feel blessed to be allowed to serve in this capacity, to have such rewarding worthwhile work. I feel this is my life purpose. Not all clients are terminal or severely ill and watching them make lifestyle changes and come to greater awareness is something to be witness to.

Interviewer: What are the one or two things that you do that have made such a significant difference in how your practice operates and is making it so successful?

Becky: I volunteered to do healing. I never envisioned a career in healing. I thought I liked it too much for it to ever be work. I guess the saying Ďfollow your passioní applies. I was offered a job with a major hospital doing healing, but I wasnít fully aware of my gift at that time, I just knew it was my passion. Doors have always opened for me in my career and I have walked through them. I am willing and I accept the tasks at hand. Iím very happy in my present space and I feel great confidence in my healing abilities and intuition. I am on my path.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to those who may be about to make a commitment to helping others in this way, people who have been studying and learning and are now thinking about getting involved?

Becky: In this field I believe your heart has to be in the right place and you must come from a place of integrity. I donít believe you can make things happen, while taking action is important. If you are meant to do this work you donít have to sell yourself, just become willing to go where you are led, and trust in the way.

Interviewer: Becky, we canít thank you enough for your very honest and open sharing. We look forward to sharing your incredible story with our readers. And we know, that when read, people will see the light, and many will be inspired. Becky, thank you, and may God bless you in your work.

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