What is Energy Healing?

People always ask so what is this? For a long time I didnít know why I could heal and assist others towards total health, sometimes within a session, while this isnít ordinary it has left me to believe that anything is possible. While healing is generally a journey I facilitate the healing with my helpers of light and have witnessed such incredible transformation. I feel honored and blessed to be allowed to assist those that come to me. If my suffering has enabled me to perform miracles then what do I have to say other then, Ē Wow, what an amazing life it has been so far, and thank you to those I have assisted. Those that have believed in hope and in my gift. Ē

A gift from God our creator, used to help others overcome their challenges Energy Healing is a gentle laying on of hands; a spiritual healing system used to provide comfort and restore health.

Energy Healing gently obtains healing on all levels of the body; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, attempting to bring healing to the obvious problem and the core of the malady. Energy Healing is totally positive and can never cause harm to any living thing regardless of the affliction.

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