What is Energy Healing?

People always ask so what is this? For a long time I didn’t know why I could heal and assist others towards total health, sometimes within a session, while this isn’t ordinary it has left me to believe that anything is possible.

Conditions Treated Successfully

From Autism, Neurological Disorders, Auto Immune Disorder, Cancer Patients and many more conditions, Becky may be able to help.

What is Medical Intuition?

Ability to ascertain and assess areas and levels of dysfunction.

Ability to see the emotional and spiritual connection to the physical disease.

Ability to see the root causes of health challenges.

Ability to take disease apart, promoting healing on all levels.

Ability to intuit which herbal or homeopathic remedies will be of most benefit for present circumstance

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Since 1993

Meet Becky Stevens

Becky became involved in healing through her own personal struggles with multiple sclerosis. While working on her own healing and volunteering healing others, it became evident that she has many spiritual gifts, healing, along with medical intuition that she utilizes to assess the root physical cause of disease. Becky has this spiritual gift of sight and healing and uses it to the benefit of the client to achieve optimal improvement.

Through the years Becky's gift has evolved into much more. Becky believes healing occurs synergistically with the use of intuitive capabilities, spiritual healing, and the cooperation, willingness and belief that healing can occur from the client; she also utilizes a broad network of holistic, and conventional healing support systems in the community.